Devour'd / SHORT FILM

Devour'd / SHORT FILM

DOP for a short film project by


Ana, an ambitious chef desperate to make her mark in the culinary world. With continuous past failures, her husband is skeptical anything will work. But when she gets her big chance by town-famous Chef Martha, her quest for success takes a dark turn as her strained relationship with food critic husband Gordon reaches a breaking point.

Genre: Psychological Thriller


Filmed with the RED Komodo & DZO FILM Vespid Primes.
DZOFILM Vespid 21mm
DZOFILM Vespid 35mm
DZOFILM Vespid 50mm

Edited & Colour Graded with Davinic Resolve.

Erin Connor @erinconnor
Deb Tamay @deboratamay
Jaz Sebastian @jazsebastian.official

Assistant Director @sierrsweeny

Written & Directed by @deboratamay


Aspect ratio
4320 x 2160
24 FPS