Relic #25 / Short Film

Relic #25 / Short Film

Filmed with the RED Komodo & DZO FILM Vespid Primes.
DZOFILM Vespid 21mm
DZOFILM Vespid 35mm
DZOFILM Vespid 50mm

Relic #25 Short Film Directed by Debora Tamay

The CEO of a major corporation receives a mysterious package containing a mask-like Relic, setting off a heart-pounding race against time. Each time he dons the mask, he is forced to experience the world through the eyes of a relentless killer who is closing in on him.

Director (and Story By) - Debora Tamay
Writer - Tyrone Bruinsma
Producer - Debora Tamay
Assistant Director - Zak Scott
DOP - Conrad Petzsch-Kunze
Focus Puller - Tom Dearnaley
Gaffer - David McKenna
Gaffer - Jake Vickerman
Sound Recordist - David McKenna
Production Design - Debora Tamay
Composer - Rick Parnaby
Sound Design - Haresh Chandra
Editor - Mik Gojic
Colourist - Mik Gojic
BTS - Mateo Caicedo Bernal
Location - Micheline Dehand

Jason - Jaz Sebastian
Marcus - Brian McDermott
Newsreader - Chavelli Gutierrez
Clarence - Tarion VA

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